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Relive the Baltic Way - Pin yourself on the map

Relive the Baltic Way online. If you took part in the Baltic Way, we invite you to pin a picture and description to the map at the exact place you stood in 1989. By the 25th anniversary in 2014, we hope that the whole length of our online Baltic Way will be filled with images of those who formed the original human chain.


On 23 August 1989, the people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined together in the longest human chain in history. The Baltic Way connected the three capitals of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius – two million people covered a distance of over 600 km.

The Baltic Way was a massive demonstration for freedom, commemorating the signing of the Hitler-Stalin pact in 1939, which had paved the way for the Soviet occupation of the Baltic States. It was the biggest demonstration in the history of the Soviet Union and the turning point in the struggle for freedom and independence of the Baltic States. Documentary heritage of the Baltic Way was added to UNESCO's Memory of the World Register in 2009 (

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