Europeana 1989 Terms for User Contributions

Europeana1989 creates a vivid and complete picture of the revolutionary events in Europe with stories, photos, videos and sound recordings from every country affected. The result will be a fascinating archive that can be explored for work, learning or pleasure. However, Europeana 1989 is part of something much bigger: Europeana.

Europe's digital library, museum and archive. At Europeana, we believe in making history and culture openly accessible to everybody, everywhere. We strive to make all Europe's Cultural Heritage digitally available for reuse with the minimum of restrictions.

Europeana 1989 Terms for User Contributions establish that all content and descriptive data such as a photo, video, audio or scan of a document, that is contributed to Europeana 1989 will be made available on In addition, content will be made accessible via, where users will be able to search and retrieve content and descriptive data.

The terms for User Contribution to Europeana 1989 are described below.

All registered Historypin Users may contribute content and metadata to 1989 Europeana.

By submitting metadata or content to Europeana 1989 you agree to these Europeana 1989 Terms of Use. These are supplementary to the Historypin Terms of Use, and apply only to descriptive data (Metadata) and Content (Text and Media Content) that you submit to Historypin via Europeana 1989. All other terms remain unaffected.

Content (Text and Media Content)submitted to Europeana 1989 will be made available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike3.0 license. This means that by sharing any content on Europeana 1989, you irrevocably grant third parties the right to freely use that content, as long as they attribute the work to the contributor and share any alterations of that content under the same conditions. However, if the Content you are submitting is in the Public Domain, that is where Copyright has expired, then you agree to make the Content available under the terms of the Public Domain Mark.

Descriptive data (Metadata),such as titles, dates, descriptions or tags are submitted under the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication. This means that you irrevocably grant third parties the right to freely use this descriptive data (Metadata) without any restrictions.

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